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Take Creatine – And you can do this! Maybe.

I am guessing you know about creatine but would like to know a little more.  Is it right for you?  Safe?  Can anyone take it?  By the end of the page you’ll have most of your answers about what creatine can do for you.

I wanted to create a site that gave out good information about this proven supplement so that you can make an informed decision.  Below you will find out what it does and some of the benefits.  Floating around the site you will also find posts on the side effects of creatine along with advice on taking it.

Creatine does all of this:

  • Elevates the amount of energy stored in your muscles
  • Improves your power and muscle strength
  • Gives you shorter recovery times
  • Bigger performance gains during high-intensity exercises
  • Minimizes protein breakdown during catabolic phases
  • Regular dietary supplement
  • Get a more swollen look (from the water)

Yes, it’s true.  You get all that from a fairly low priced, fully legal, over the counter supplement.  It has been proven!

What Is Creatine?

Currently it is one of the most widely used supplements in the athletic world.  An athlete could expect a number of benefits while taking it: an increased production of available energy in the muscles, a gain in lean muscle mass, a resulting decrease in body fat, and an increase in explosive power.

It’s not only a supplement that helps with exercise, studies have demonstrated other benefits as well.  It may inhibit or delay the production of lactic acid which is what causes that burning feeling.  It has been shown to reduce mental fatigue and enhance memory.  It may reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease by lowering the level of triglycerides. Heck, throw in working out and protein supplementation, you may ward off diabetes!

What Does Creatine Do?

Creatine could be considered like an additive that assists with the rapid replenishment of your quick, bursting energy.

In basic terms, supplementing with it allows you to knock out two more reps or to start the final push on your 5K 500 meters earlier.  Getting those extra reps or being able to sprint for longer is what gives you your added muscle mass, or quicker times.

For the bookworms – first, we have this compound inside our bodies, ATP (adenosine tri-phospate.) ATP gets depleted while you are performing a physical activity.  When ATP breaks down at the cellular level of your muscles, you get a conversion of energy, quickly.

The amount of ATP that we have available is limited.  ATP breaks down into two things, ADP (adenosine di-phosphate) and a leftover phosphate.

This is where taking creatine helps.  The cells in your muscles will be saturated with it.  This readily available stockpile assists with converting ADP back into ATP via re-attaching those phosphate molecules.  A simple, very simple, equation could be ATP = ADP + phosphate.

Comments From Creatine Users

I wanted to find some unbiased comments, I don’t know any of these people.  Here are just a few…

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Most of the reviews are just like those cycling above.  Most people who are supplementing with it are seeing noticeable results when taken in conjunction with an exercise program.

Where To Get Creatine

The list of places that sell it is endless.  It seemed like I was overpaying in an amount vs. cost regard but I never looked on the web for a better deal until I started making this site.  I incorrectly assumed that creatine (the quantity, dosage, quality, and cost) was all pretty much the same.  They are not.

I was disappointed in myself for not discovering the differences sooner.  I was paying more for a one month supply than what I am paying now.  This deal won’t be for everybody but I’ll give you a tip.  You can go get it at a place like GNC but be ready to spend an arm and a leg.  Or you can get it online and save a few dollars.